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If you own an Underwater Island and would like to have your aquarium featured on underwaterislands.com then send your pictures or videos to ryan@underwaterislands.com

The Underwater Island

Currently our largest underwater habitat. Makes the perfect crab habitat for larger sized aquariums.

Underwater Island - Our Best Seller


"Hi! Just wanted to say thanks so much for an awesome product! I absolutely LOVE it! My red claw crabs do to! It looks great in my 55 gallon tank .....the pictures don't do it justice! I would recommend this to anyone. Set up was so much easier than I imagined and once i got the air flow adjusted it is truly amazing!! Thanks again. If I ever set up another tank I will be ordering again."

-Brenda, Ohio

Red Claw Crabs


Crab Habitat the Underwater Island

crab home - Underwater Island

Crab Aquarium Underwater Island

The Crab Habitat Underwater Island

Crab Habitat Underwater Island

David Clapp


Fiddler Crabs


The Underwater Lagoon

One of our top sellers our mid-sized habitat.

Underwater Lagoon